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Did you get the love letter I wrote you?
It was really sweet, I promise it was
It talked about how you’re like that breeze I felt when I layed outside in the Tennessee heat
that touched me like it was me without even touching me at all
Just outlined my silhouette as I tried to outline it with…

Who is the author of this?? I must know!

The Dangerous Beauty - C Thicke

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Let’s make this viral. 

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the real story

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Most beautiful Chocolate goddess to ever cascade from the heavens..

So fierce that sharks swim away from her sweet scent..!


Not a poem, sorry lol

I created a blog that promotes art by Black people. I was just wondering if you mind participating. The only thing I do is reblog tumblr users art, there is no theme or topic that the art has to be on. I tried to find your ask box, but I seriously couldn’t.

Sure! I mainly do poems but I do like photography.


Ibtihaj Muhammad

First African-American Muslim female fencer in the history of the Olymics represents the United States.

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