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Coming to a conclusion..

Honest to Bob I’m tired of helping individuals. I will learn to be a little more selfish with myself in 2012. It bothers me how some beings can act so selfish of others but expect them to do everything in their power to help them out. That is such a selfish outlook on life and I never want to succumb to that type of personality.

You know what else toots my horn? Persons who automatically feel like they must be quarrelsome to have a conversation. YOU DO NOT ALWAYS need to be on the opposing side of the argument. I think they do this unknowingly, like its a  trigger reaction. I like X, therefore you don’t like X. = I don’t like X, therefore you DO like X. They’re is no apparent reason for you to oppose my statement, your just being an ass hole. No matter what I say you will not agree, so I will not try to satisfy you.

Just venting